Thursday, September 11, 2014

Never Forgetting 9/11

Thirteen years have gone by and I can still remember Sept. 11 2001.  My continued love and prayers go out to my fellow Americans (civilians and military) who have lost their lives both domestically and abroad.  However, my love stretches farther then that.  All the innocent men, women and children in the Middle East have my deepest sympathy's as well.  Humanity is so eloquently inter woven and connected that our division these days with race, religion, gender and so on only creates a detachment from it.  Nobody wants war, but those who stand to profit from it.  The lives of countless families have been turned upside down by the actions of a few.  I pray that humanity will set aside their differences and unite, evolve and aspire to become more loving, understanding and compassionate beings.  

My solution and plea to you all is, LOVE.  Not the love that's thrown around in movies, music and the media, but the love that can transform the planet.  It starts with each and everyone of us.  Committing random acts of kindness instead of random acts of violence can be the inception of something profoundly rewarding.  Love doesn't cost anything so, go out into the world and love every moment and human being like it's your last day on this planet, Simonton Say's.


  1. Thank you for this wonderful sentiment. It's absolutely true, and I believe as I get older, love becomes more valuable with each day. It's the greatest gift we can give, and can provide more happiness than any material possession we desire. Love trumps hate, in my opinion, and it can make a difference in people's lives. God Bless you and your kind words, George. Take care and I'll look forward to seeing my two favorite QVC people on Monday, you and Nick! :)

  2. Hello Janice!!! It's always nice to see you over here responding to my blogs! You really get the whole love thing. Keep up the good work my dear - the world needs you! :)) Talk to you soon. XOXO George