Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Don't sweat the big stuff!!!

Hello Everyone!  

This is a very special blog this week.

Some of you are aware that I have a godson, Philip.  It is with great sadness that I tell everyone that he suffered a heartbreaking loss last Tuesday.  His 14 year old Shar Pei, Sugar, passed away and I am sure some of you animal lovers can relate.  They are family members and we love them dearly.  I want to take a moment to express my condolences and to let Philip know my thoughts and prayers are with him during this time of grievance.

Before I share with you a little part of my conversation with Philip, I would like to say that you have never truly lived until you have opened your heart to an animal.  During a time of death we all begin to look within and think about our own mortality, don't we?  It's a part of life and still we get caught up in the whirlwind of our daily lives.  Philip said that Sugar left such a profound impression on his heart and soul, and that when she left a piece of him went as well and that he didn't want it back - he'll reclaim what he lost when they meet again - and that losing her made him realize how precious life is.  That it could be taken away in the blink of an eye.  He doesn't want to sweat the big stuff anymore.  It's the small stuff that counts.

My dear friends, we tend to lose perspective and focus on the things that are not important.  Let's all make it a point to cherish the small, significant things.  Like a breeze blowing through the trees, watching a sunset on the beach, a squirrel running on the ground searching for food, or the first steps of your baby boy or girl.  Whatever it is, let's remember to enjoy what really matters and leave all external problems up to the dear divine, Simonton Say's.

Until next time.

Love your designer friend,



  1. My dearest George, you touched my heart in such a way I'm weeping,right now. You are so right, it's not good to sweat t h e small,stuff b u t yo enjoy and cherish each and every moment that we have here on GODS good earth! You know, I love birds, and I purchased a new bird feeder and watch my beautiful song birds come and partake, especially my cardinals( who I adore). George, you are an inspiration to me, please give your Godson my deepest condolences, I will be praying that his solutions peace......love you George��

    1. Judith - Thank you for sharing with me. It means a lot to know that people are responding well to my blogs. I think birds are magnificent too! I love when they fly in formation as a pack in the sky. Philip and I thank you for you condolences and wish you a blessed holiday weekend! XOXO

  2. Dear George and Philip and Sugar
    Sending you loviing thoughts and saying healing prayers to fill your hearts with loving energies to surround you in warmth and peace and may your angels always illuminate your path ...Much love to Philip and his forever Sugar wrap him in the eternal and living Love always!

    1. Anne - What a touching response to this weeks blog! Philip saw the response and we would both like to thank you for all your love and compassion through these times of healing. Love your friend, George

  3. I'm so sorry for Philip's loss. It's so hard to lose our beloved pets -- they are truly a member of our family and our best friend. Life gets so stressful and busy sometimes that we do forget to appreciate the little things, don't we? Thanks for the reminder, George. In a year of much soul searching, I'm trying very hard to not take any wonderful thing, no matter how big or small, for granted. It has made me realize how blessed I am. George, you are a blessing to many of us, with your words and talent. May that blessing be returned to you tenfold. :)

    1. Janice - Nice to hear from you again! Philip and I thank you for your condolences during these difficult times. I am also glad your enjoying my blogs. It means a lot to be able to share with all of you wonderful people. God bless you my dear. George Xoxo